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Exotic Meat Butchering

Dee-Jay’s Custom Butchering and Processing offers a variety of exotic meats.  With the rise in healthy eating on the rise, exotic meat is in demand.  Dee-Jay’s Exotic Meat Butchering works with the following types of animals:  Buffalo (Bison), Elk, Llama, Alpaca, Pen Raised Deer, and Rabbits, to name a few.

Dee-Jay’s Custom Butchering is proud to use mainly locally raised meats.

Benefits to using exotic meat include: Low fat, calorie, and cholesterol content, and extremely high protein.

Buffalo (Bison) – Healthy red meat with the flavor and texture of beef.  It’s high in protein and iron, but low in fat, calories, and cholesterol.   Buffalo is lower in fat than skinless chicken or turkey.

Elk – Elk has a different taste than beef, lower in calories and fat, but higher in protein than beef or chicken.

Llama – A very lean meat that is very low in cholesterol.

Alpaca – Alpaca meat is healthy and is the most flavorful of meats.  It is lean, tender, and almost sweet.  Rich in proteins and low in fat, and it has the lowest cholesterol than any other meat.

Rabbit – Rabbit meat is entirely white meat.  Rabbit meat is low in fat and cholesterol, but high in protein.

Pen Raised Deer – Deer is extremely low in fat. (Deer Processing)

*Dee-Jay’s does not process wild deer—Meat must be brought in with no bones.