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Curing and Smoking

Wanting something different than the same old thing?  Try Dee-Jay’s Cured and Smoked Meats.  Curing and Smoking of the meats adds an enhanced flavor that cannot be “smoked”.  Dee-Jay’s process for curing and smoking their meat is described below, but first:

The Curing and Smoking process dates back to the 1800’s.  The curing and smoking process includes curing, smoking, flavoring, or cooking. The process of curing and smoking uses salt, sugar, and nitrates.  Smoking helps to seal the outer layer of the food being cured.  This was done as a means to preserve meat so that it would not go bad.

There is however benefits to curing your meats.  Studies have indicated that dietary nitrates found in cured meats are vital to the prevention to some forms of heart disease.

Dee-Jays Curing and Smoking

Now that you have the background:

Dee-Jay’s Custom Butchering and Processing is proud of its process of curing and smoking.  They have been curing and smoking their meat for years.  Dee-Jay’s uses a “special recipe” of ingredients for their smoking and curing process.  The meat is then smoked for a “special” amount of time, using a “special” type of woodchip, in their smoker room, making their cured and smoked meats unique.

So unique, that Dee-Jay’s was awarded Grand Champion in 2013 by the OAMP, for their Smoked Turkey.